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‘Zombie Chicken’, say tweeple after video of meat crawling off table goes viral

Recently, a video of a raw meat piece crawling off a plate at a restaurant caused quite a stir online. However, many speculated whether the piece of meat was chicken at all and the video was edited. If this happened to me I would turn into a vegetarian instantly,” read one of the many comments about the viral video. (@losaqeless) July 27, 2019 I sent that zombie chicken video to my mum and daughter and now they won’t talk to me lmfao — Al (@BT_ABB) July 27, 2019 As if things today are not disgusting enough, here’s a video of zombie chicken moving off a plate by itself in a cook-it-yourself restaurant. com/Wz7ESb0jqE — Cryptid Hunter (@CryptidHunterNV) July 26, 2019 A zombie chicken walking off someone’s plate.

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