New Indian government faces crucial foreign policy decisions, say US experts

Eminent Indian experts in the US believe that the next Indian government to be formed after the declaration of the election results on May 23 faces crucial foreign policy decisions, particularly in the economic realm. “If India is to realise its great power ambitions in the decades to come, the next government will have to accelerate economic reforms domestically, strengthen India’s institutions, preserve its constitutional ethos and protect the nation’s internal cohesion, all of which have floundered dangerously in recent years,” Tellis wrote. A former White House and Pentagon official under the previous Obama Administration, White believes that with the partial exception of Vice-President Mike Pence, the new Indian government will find itself lacking — through no fault of its own — effective high-profile champions in the Trump administration, and will be forced to engage an American policymaking apparatus dominated by trade hawks, who see the relationship in narrow transactional terms. Whoever comes to power will face a multitude of foreign policy challenges that are only growing in number and complexity, noted Anish Goel, a senior fellow at the New America think-tank. This is complicated by the fact that the relationship will need to be balanced against India’s ongoing interactions with Russia and Iran.

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