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In US report, Trump scores big on ties with India, graded ‘B+’

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a leading US think tank on foreign policy, has graded President Donald Trump’s handling of ties with India as one of his successes, along with his dealings with China and Saudi Arabia, and his efforts to normalize relations with North Korea. Bush,” the report authored for CFR by Robert Blackwill, said, comparing this administration to Bush’s, which is often cited as a watershed term in bilateral ties on account of the India-US civil nuclear deal, which ended India’s nuclear isolation. The report released Monday graded Trump “B+” for India, the highest the president scored, as he did also for China, Saudi. and, third, and finally, for his “decision to treat India on par with NATO allies where strategic technology release is concerned”. The report also cited the signing of the Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (OMCASA) last September after the inaugural 2+2 ministerial engagement, which the Obama administration had failed to finalize.

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