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As Ferdous Canvasses for Trinamool for Second Day, EC Official Says Need to Look at His Visa Entries

Roy’s reaction came after the Trinamool Congress engaged Bangladeshi actor Ferdous to campaign for its Lok Sabha candidate Kanaia Lal Agarwal from Raiganj in North Dinajpur district. I am taking this matter to the Election Commission (EC) with a demand that the candidature of the Trinamool candidate be immediately cancelled. ” “I would also like to ask the Trinamool why it needs a Bangladeshi actor to campaign for its party leaders in Bengal. ” Agarwal’s election agent, Musharraf Hussain, had said on Sunday, “Ferdous is a famous actor in Bangladesh and we requested him to take part in road shows for the Trinamool Congress in the Lok Sabha election. ” Muslim voters would play a deciding role in the general election for all the parties in Bengal, especially in the districts of Murshidabad, Dinajpur and Malda.

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