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tawang: Army ‘well-poised to hold the line’ against China in Arunachal

The new M-777s are a big shot in arm because they can be swiftly transported by Chinook helicopters from one valley to another in Arunachal,” said an artillery officer, at a gun position located at an altitude of 13,500 feet in the Tawang sector.As one gets closer to the LAC, the Army has established “integrated defended localities”, with a maze of fortified bunkers for infantry soldiers and artillery observation posts to direct fire on enemy tanks and other mechanised formations from the rear positions.At one such locality on Assam Hill, barely 2.5-km from the frontier, Tawang Brigade commander Brigadier Vijay Jagtap said, “This is where battles take place and access is denied to enemies.”An officer deployed there, Major Rufus Johnson , in turn, said, “Our defences are constructed in such a manner that from wherever the enemy attacks, it will be thwarted.

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