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Rahul Gandhi says Congress can give AAP 4 seats, trades barbs with Arvind Kejriwal

The provocation, going by his tweet, was AAP not responding to the offer by Congress of giving up four of the seven Delhi seats for a tie-up to defeat BJP. AAP has been insisting on a 5:2 formula if the alliance is restricted to Delhi but Congress wants three seats. ”While AAP is seeking an alliance on 10 seats in Haryana also, it has reportedly communicated to Congress that it was ready to seal the deal in Delhi only if it got five seats. The party argued that Congress does not have a single seat in the 70-member Delhi assembly where AAP has 66 MLAs. JJP chief Dushyant Chautala, however, told TOI he was not ready to have a tie-up with Congress and would announce candidates on all the seven seats that he has got in an alliance with AAP on Tuesday.

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