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Pragya Thakur comments on Nathuram Godse: Remember facts, not rhetoric, say Left parties

In the light of BJP Bhopal candidate Pragya Singh Thakur’s comments on Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse on Thursday, the Left parties have sounded caution that her statement is only meant to further polarise the voters. Ms Thakur was reacting to Makkal Needhi Maiyam founder Kamal Haasan’s speech at a recent poll rally in Tamil Nadu when he said the first terrorist in free India was a Hindu and his name was Nathuram Godse. The fact remains a fanatic Hindu murdered the Mahatma, which was the first act of political murder post independence. ” The Communist Party of India too maintained that the facts should be kept in mind in face of such rhetoric. Raja said, “It’s a fact that Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated and the incident was a well-planned one to spread hatred, create fear and to send out a message.

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