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PM Narendra Modi calls for more integrated defence forces, global effort on terror

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asked the Army, Navy and Air Force to better integrate themselves as they modernise their capabilities, even as he warned Pakistan that its nefarious designs would be thwarted every time, like they were in Kargil in 1999. “The Kargil victory was symbol of India’s might, determination, capability, discipline and patience… Wars are fought not by governments but by the whole country… Governments come and go… Kargil was the victory of every Indian,” said Modi, while lauding the resolve and sacrifices made by the armed forces at a Kargil Vijay Diwas function to mark the 20th anniversary of the conflict. “Pakistan did not expect such a powerful response in Kargil,” he said, adding that the time had come for a united global effort to deal with countries resorting to proxy war and terrorism as instruments of state policy. Modi said the government is taking several measures to speed up the country’s military modernisation as a top priority, with modern rifles, artillery guns and fighters now being made in India, and would not succumb to pressure or influence in matters of national security. The government has shown its commitment to national security despite international pressure by operationalising its nuclear submarine INS Arihant and successfully testing an anti-satellite interceptor missile to destroy a satellite in March this year, he said.

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