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Less chemotherapy effective for older patients with stomach cancer

For older patients with advanced or oesophageal cancer, less might prove to be more effective with fewer side effects like diarrhoea and lethargy, a new study has revealed. Dr Peter Hall, a from the Research UK Edinburgh Centre, said: “Increasingly we’re realising it’s not just age that affects how well someone can tolerate their treatment and we need to do more work to understand how other conditions or aspects of frailty might play a role. ” The study involved 514 people with or oesophageal having an average age of 76, while the oldest patient was 96. The findings indicated that medium and lower doses of worked as effective as the full-strength dose in controlling cancer. “These valuable results reduce fears that giving a lower dose chemotherapy regimen is inferior and could make a huge difference for patients with or who can’t tolerate intensive courses of treatment,” said Charles Swanton, chief clinician of Cancer Research UK.

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