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India vs Pakistan, ICC World Cup 2019: Kuldeep Yadav revives ‘ball of century’ memories

Twenty-six years after Shane Warne ‘s immortal ‘ball of the century’ to Mike Gatting at Old Trafford Kuldeep Yadav delivered his own version at the very same venue on Sunday. It had all the characteristics of that Warne delivery which set the stage for the Australian’s illustrious career – flight, drift, dip and sharp turn. Of course, Kuldeep, who is a left-arm wrist-spinner, deceived his victim more with the drift than the turn, while Warne got his man through unbelievable turn. The ball curved away from the Pakistani right-hander initially because of the drift and just as it seemed that he had the line covered, the ball spun back viciously to dislodge Babar’s off-stump. While Kuldeep is still learning the tricks of the trade, the Old Trafford delivery shows that the chinaman bowler is heading in the right direction.

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