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Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar promo: Salman Khan loses his cool, reprimands Rubina Dilaik for disrespecting format

After just a week ago praising his wit, Bigg Boss 14 presenter Salman Khan chased Rubina Dilaiki over the weekend. In the video, Salman tells him sarcastically, “Agar aap two, toh har cheez hum aaps approve of karwa lete hain bhai (if you want, we can do anything for you).” Rubina raises her hand and replies, “Mujhe liye daant padegi a simple point of view … (when I’m cursed for having a position …),” but Salman interrupts him and says, “Ma’am, the main aaps badi tameez steam gives se baat kar money hoon .

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