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Vivo S1 vs Realme X – Which Is a Better Option Under Rs. 20000 Right Now?

Last month, we reviewed the Realme X which seemed like a great all-rounder phone in its segment, and now Vivo is taking things to the next level with its new Vivo S1. But if you have to pick one, which is a better option – Vivo S1 or the Realme X? We decided to compare the Vivo S1 with the Realme X. In our comparison, we factor almost all important elements of these phones from design to performance, from camera skills to selfies, we look at everything to help you decide which smartphone is worth buying right now. In case you prefer reading, here’s our in-depth comparison of the Vivo S1 and the Realme case you’re looking to watch individual reviews, here they are: Realme X S1 the latest in mobile reviews and everything tech, visit http://www.

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