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Tencent Q2 and H1 2019 Financial Results: Mobile Games Perform Strong, Peacekeeper Elite Outside Top 10 Earners

Mentioned in this article Tencent reported its interim 2019 financial results, with total revenues for H1 up 18% YoY and total revenues for Q2 up 21% YoY. Total revenues for Q2 2019 increased to ¥88. 3B, Tencent attributes the increase primarily to the revenue growth from smartphone games such as Honor of Kings and PUBG MOBILE. While Peacekeeper Elite launched strongly in Q1 2019, a Tencent representative stated in the earnings call that the game’s revenues are not in the top 10 of mobile games revenues reported in Q2 2019 due to a decrease in deferred revenues from season passes compared to Q1. ” Furthermore, Tencent reported that Peacekeeper Elite surpassed 50M daily active users (DAUs) in China and PUBG MOBILE exceeded the same threshold of 50M DAUs globally.

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