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OnePlus 7 hands-on review

But OnePlus also introduced the OnePlus 7 and a good argument can be made that it’s the one to actually better represent the spirit of the OnePlus lineup. Make no mistake here, the OnePlus 7 Pro is a huge phone, both taller and heavier than a Samsung Galaxy Note9. The OnePlus 7 also has a 300mAh smaller battery, but it may end up matching or even beating the OnePlus 7 Pro battery life because of the smaller screen with lower refresh rate. Probably the biggest reason to go for the OnePlus 7 Pro over the OnePlus 7 is the camera – the Pro has a 48MP f/1. OnePlus 7 – Red color and Case With the specs and price out of the way, the OnePlus 7 feels just like a OnePlus 6T (which will still be available in select markets at a reduced price).

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