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Leak hints at how Intel Xe graphics cards might compare to rivals

Intel has accidentally leaked some codenames and details of its incoming discrete graphics cards, and also some Rocket Lake CPUs. The leak comprised of the following model names (and some clues therein) for Intel’s Xe 10nm graphics cards which are expected to come out in 2020: The ‘DG’ in the codename is likely to stand for ‘discrete graphics’ (meaning a standalone GPU on a board, as opposed to an integrated graphics solution in a processor), and the ‘LP’ and ‘HP’ designations seemingly refer to low-power or high-power (and therefore more powerful) parts. As mentioned at the outset, this driver leak also revealed a few nuggets of info about the integrated graphics of incoming Rocket Lake processors. Rocket Lake is Intel’s follow-up to Comet Lake, the latter being the chip giant’s next mainstream 10th-gen processors which we should also see next year, or perhaps even sooner, built on a revised 14nm+++ node, and coming with a potential Ryzen 9 3900X beater (which could really turn things around for Intel). At any rate, Rocket Lake is expected in 2020, and its Gen11 integrated graphics will arrive in GT0, GT0.

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