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How Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung treat your voice data

Amazon Amazon says that it annotates an “extremely small sample” of Alexa voice recordings in order to improve the customer experience — for example, to train speech recognition and natural language understanding systems “so [that] Alexa can better understand … requests. But it says a “small subset” of identifier-free recordings, transcripts, and associated data may continue to be used for ongoing improvement and quality assurance of Siri beyond two years. The page says that it collects voice data to “[enhance] Cortana’s understanding” of individual users’ speech patterns and to “keep improving” Cortana’s recognition and responses, as well as to “improve” other products and services that employ speech recognition and intent understanding. Microsoft allows users to opt out of voice data collection, personalization, and speech recognition by visiting an online dashboard or a search page in Windows 10. Samsung Samsung didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but the FAQ page on its Bixby support website outlines the ways it collects and uses voice data.

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