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VIDEO | Gulbadin Naib jokingly tries to pull Eoin Morgan back from reaching his batting crease

On the first ball of the 32nd over, Naib bowled a delivery on the up and skidded through without giving any width to Eoin Morgan. Although the English skipper tried to cut the delivery away, he was cramped for room and chopped the ball onto the boot. In the unconscious mind, he left his crease to take a single and then realised that the ball was nowhere but near his boot to take a single. Naib, to make the situation a bit lighter, tried to pull Morgan back from reaching the crease and although there was a flick at the striker’s end to effect a run-out, the Afghan skipper laughed it off. The Asian nation didn’t make any appeal and Morgan also gave a sign of approval to the fun made by his counterpart by raising his thumb.

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