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Report Claims Juventus Have Surpassed Inter In Race For Lukaku

Juventus are looking to snatch Romelu Lukaku from right under arch-rivals Inter’s noses according to a report from Gazzetta dello Sport. The Turin based club have already reached a rough agreement when it comes to personal terms with the 26-year-old and have proposed a swap deal with Manchester United that would see Paulo Dybala go in the opposite direction. The biggest obstacle to this potential swap is the fact thay Dybala is looking for a wage increase to around the €9-10 million a season mark. Inter’s most recent offer for Lukaku of €65 million was knocked back and it is hard for Inter to go any higher than that unless they were to abandon their pursuit of Edin Dzeko and put the money they assigned for his signing, toward the former Everton striker. The report concludes that it could end up a real nightmare scenario for Inter if Lukaku is to join their arch-nemesis.

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