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IPL awards fiasco: Angry Edulji hits out at BCCI acting president

NEW DELHI: Committee of Administrators member Diana Edulji said on Thursday she wanted to present the IPL winners’ trophy as she felt that BCCI acting president CK Khanna had “disregarded the protocol” by not presenting the award during the ODI against Australia in Delhi. Edulji wanted to present the IPL winners’ trophy to the champion team but was overruled by her CoA colleague Lt Gen Ravi Thodge, who felt that convention of president giving away the trophy should be followed. During the discussion, I had mentioned that as the acting president (CK Khanna) had abdicated his right to give away the trophy during the BCCI bilateral match in Delhi,” Edulji said in a press release. “He (Khanna) had shown disregard for the protocol and an office bearer of a state association was allowed to give the trophy away and hence for the IPL Final CoA members should give the trophy. Khanna forwarded a mail from the Acting Secretary Mr Amitabh Choudhary written sometime in the year 2017 in which he had said that as per protocol the BCCI President gives away the trophy,” said Edulji.

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