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From 8 to 10 teams, IPL eyes expansion, once again

BCCI CEO Rahul Johri, who is in London, confirmed to TOI that a meeting was held between owners of the IPL franchises and other stakeholders. The city of Pune was back in IPL action for two years – in 2016-17 – when the Sanjeev Goenka-led RPG Group invested in a franchise for two years and was keen to have a longer association with the league. The Goenkas from Kolkata – who own a franchise in the Indian Super League (ISL) – have been eager to be part of the IPL ecosystem once again, having twice failed in talks with Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals over the last two years. Having recently entered the Indian Super League (ISL) with a franchise in Jameshedpur, the Ratan Tata-led group “is not averse” to the idea of having an IPL franchise in Jharkhand – home to Tata Steel . Two equity bankers in the United Kingdom have been in talks with IPL franchises for quite some time now to pick stakes and one franchise from the north is already in last round talks with a UK-based banker for a stake sale.

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