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Where does astronaut poop go? Answers to your weirdest questions about space travel

Solid waste is collected in a canister as part of the waste hygiene component of the space station’s toilet, and those canisters are disposed of during destructive reentry of cargo spacecraft. Sending ice cream is sometimes possible when there is space in one of the freezers on the way up that will be filled with science samples for SpaceX Dragon’s return trip . It is normal for commercial resupply missions to deliver a small amount of fresh food to the astronauts (usually fruits or vegetables) with ice cream only occasionally making the trip. Without protection, an astronaut would die in space quickly because of the lack of oxygen and immense physical pressure. On Earth, we experience the pull of gravity , but astronauts in the space station are in a kind of perpetual free-fall around Earth that keeps them in orbit, and thus they experience what is commonly referred to as zero-gravity or microgravity in which they can float and fly through the space station.

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