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NASA selects proposals to demonstrate SmallSat technologies to study interplanetary space

NASA has chosen two proposals to show small satellite technologies to improve science observations in deep space, which can enable NASA to develop better models for foreseeing space weather events that may affect astronauts and probe. NASA selected both proposals relying on potential technology and science value and the feasibility of development plans. Providing the opportunity to mature and test technologies in deep space is a crucial step towards incorporating new techniques into future missions. ” Thomas Zurbuchen, an associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, said, “By focusing on SmallSats and capitalizing on the cost savings of sharing a launch, we can test and advance cutting-edge technologies at a reasonable price. ” The first is an optical communications technology for small satellites and CubeSats that is less complex than current systems and could enable a hundredfold increase in deep space data rates while reducing the burden on NASA’s Deep Space Network.

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