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IUCAA makes detailed film on black hole

In the process, the team uncovered new clues to understanding the immediate surroundings of these enigmatic objects including violent flaring at the heart of a black hole system, said a study by University of Southampton published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. “The movie was made using real data, but slowed down to 1/10th of actual speed to allow the most rapid flares to be discerned by the human eye,” said Paice, also a graduate student at University of Southampton and the lead author of the study. “We can see how the material around the black hole is so bright, it’s outshining the star that it is consuming, and the fastest flickers last only a few milliseconds – that’s the output of a hundred suns and more being emitted in the blink of an eye,” he elaborated. Black holes can feed off a nearby star and create vast accretion discs of material. Here, the effect of the black hole’sand the material’s own magnetic field can cause rapidly changing levels of radiation to be emitted from the system as a whole.

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