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Astronomers Pinpoint Location of Non-Repeating Fast Radio Burst | Astronomy – Sci

In 2017, astronomers pinpointed the location of the repeating FRB 121102 and reported that it was in a star-forming region of a dwarf galaxy more than 3 billion light-years from Earth. Although these bursts are known to have extragalactic origins, the host galaxies from which they were emitted remain mysterious, largely due to difficulties in precisely locating the radio emission. The astronomers used the miniscule differences in the amount of time it takes for the light to reach different antennas in the array to zoom in on the host galaxy’s location. They made a high-resolution map showing that the burst originated in the outskirts of DES J214425. This suggests that FRBs can be produced in a variety of environments, or that the seemingly one-off bursts detected so far by ASKAP are generated by a different mechanism to the repeater.

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