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West Bengal political pot simmers as hospital protests spread

What started as a clash between angry relatives of a patient who died and junior doctors at Nilratan Sircar Medical College in Kolkata leaving two interns injured — one critically — has spilled over to all state-run medical college hospitals and become a rallying point for the political opposition, led by the BJP. On Wednesday, the “cease-work” agitation by junior doctors and interns snowballed from NRS hospital to all 13 medical college hospitals and at least six district hospitals. Meanwhile, the Opposition parties, led by BJP, alleging deteriorating law and order situation in the state, found a new rallying point: the insecurity of doctors and the attack on them. ” It tried to frame the NRS incident in that context alluding to the religion of those who attacked the doctors — the patient who died was 74-year-old Mohammed Sayeed and his angry relatives were joined by a mob of neighbours and local residents. An FIR was also filed against Sayeed’s family members on the basis of a complaint by the hospital administration.

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