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Supreme Court serves Rahul Gandhi notice, says, ‘We never said anything about Modi’

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday clarified that it has not offered any view or finding on allegations levelled by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi about corruption in the Rafale deal and PM Narendra Modi’s complicity in it while asking the opposition leader to reply to a petition seeking contempt proceedings against him. The SC gave Rahul a week to respond to the petition which accused him of contempt for wrongly telling the public that the SC had found the PM guilty of corruption in the fighter jet deal. ” Given the tone and tenor of the SC order, Rahul could find it difficult to defend his statement in the light of clarifications recorded in Monday’s order. Lekhi said the SC had neither uttered a single word on corruption in the Rafale deal nor even hinted about any involvement of the PM. Rahul’s statements twisted the SC’s order and attributed meaning to it, thereby committing contempt and attempting to misrepresent the SC order in public, she added.

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