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Rahul Gandhi meets Alwar gang rape victim, assures justice to her

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday met the Dalit woman who was gang-raped at Thanagazi in Rajasthan’s Alwar district and assured her of swift action against the culprits and justice in the case. Gandhi told reporters after meeting the family that he had not come to the town to indulge in politics and added that this was “[more of] an emotional issue for me”. “I want to send across a message not just in Alwar or in Rajasthan, but in the entire country that such behaviour against our sisters and mothers will not be tolerated,” he said. Gehlot said the State government had taken several decisions to prevent crimes against women in the aftermath of the Alwar incident. The Dalit woman was raped allegedly in front of her husband after the couple was waylaid on the Thanagazi-Alwar bypass road and dragged to a deserted area.

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