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PM Modi slams Pakistan for pushing drugs into India; also attacks INLD, JJP

ELLENABAD: Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed Pakistan on Saturday for conspiring to push drugs into India to “destroy” the country’s youth and called for tackling the problem of drug abuse with an iron hand. “When our neighbour could not succeed in its nefarious designs by sending terrorists and weapons, it hatched a conspiracy to smuggle drugs into our country to destroy our youth,” he said, while asserting that “we have to deal with the problem of drugs smuggled from the neighbouring country the way we are fighting terrorists”. The problem of drug addiction is one of the poll issues in Sirsa, which shares its borders with Punjab. Training his guns on the Congress, he accused the grand old party of “dividing” people and “exploiting” them for its “vested interests”. If the ‘damaad’ of the Congress needs land, then it is from Haryana,” Modi said, in an apparent reference to Congress president Sonia Gandhi ‘s son-in-law Robert Vadra The Congress and other parties had turned Haryana into their own grazing land, he alleged, adding, “The Congress looted the income and land of Haryana.

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