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PM Modi Confident Of Winning Polls, Promises “Vikas Ki Ganga” In Next Term

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday exuded confidence about victory in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, and promised he will bring a fresh “Vikas ki Ganga” to Bihar during his next tenure. He also said terrorists should be beaten like “ghosts who are driven away after being caught by the tuft of hair”, and accused the Congress-led opposition of trying to downplay the issue of national security despite numerous lives lost in terror attacks. “In my next tenure, I would be among you once again and bring along vikas ki Ganga, he told an election rally in Pataliputra parliamentary constituency, which goes to poll on May 19 in the final phase of the seven-phase general election. “I am fully confident that the BJP after the fifth and sixth phase of the elections has crossed the majority figure. They have to be dealt with like ghosts (bhoot-pret) who are caught by the tuft of hair, beaten up and driven away,” he asserted.

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