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Nine Pakistani Hindu refugee children stare at a bleak future as state-run Delhi schools deny admission,…

The children belonging to two Pakistani Hindu families which have recently fled from the Islamic nation facing religious atrocities and have been allegedly denied admission by government schools at Bhati Mines in Delhi. Ashok Agarwal, a leading education activist in Delhi told Firstpost has recently written a letter to the Delhi Chief Minister and Director of Education, South Delhi Municipal Corporation where he says that these children have been denied admission by two schools in Delhi. The four students who have been denied admission in Delhi government schools are Vinot Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Nomita and Muskan. The students who have been denied admission to South Delhi Municipal Corporation Schools are Deepak Kumar, Arti, Ashan, Anil and Sapna. I have also ordered the principal of the schools in the said locality to admit the refugee children also.

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