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Gautam Gambhir helps Pakistani child get visa for treatment in India

NEW DELHI: A 7-year-old Pakistani national, Omaima Ali, with a congenital heart disorder has been issued a visa to undergo treatment in India after BJP MP Gautam Gambhir wrote to the Ministry of External Affairs, requesting help for the ailing girl. In a letter to Gambhir, external affairs minister S Jaishankar said he has directed the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad to grant the necessary visa to Ali and her parents. “I have asked our High Commissioner in Islamabad to issue appropriate visas to Ms Omaima Ali and her parents,” the minister wrote back to Gambhir in his letter dated October 9. Nawaz said the family has been in contact with the doctors since then and had applied for a visa when they were asked to come for the surgery. Ali and her parents will soon be travelling to India by road, Gambhir said.

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