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Finance minister counters opposition, says Jammu and Kashmir, security key issue

NEW DELHI: Taking on the opposition’s allegation that BJP’s campaign is focused on Pakistan and security threats and makes a short shrift of “real issues”, Uni- on finance minister Arun Jaitley has asserted that national security and terrorism are the most important issues which will challenge India in the long run. “This challenge can be resolved with a fresh approach which is uncompromising on terror, uncompromising in its determination to enforce the rule of law and committed to total integration,” he said. Tracing the roots of the “challenge”, Jaitley said while Pakistan never got reconciled to J&K becoming part of India, Congress compounded the problem by committing “historical blu- nder” because of which India lost one-third of the border state and settled for a “loose” constitutional connect between it and the rest of the nation under the mistaken belief that it would lead to integration. “Article 370 was disastrously thou- ght out as a constitutional connect between rest of the country and the state. It catered to a separatist psyche and legitimised discrimination,” said the BJP leader.

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