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Drones to trace 4,000 spotted deer missing after Cyclone Fani hit Odisha; one carcass found so far

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government on Tuesday decided to use drones to locate about 4,000 spotted deer who are missing from a sanctuary in Puri district following Cyclone Fani, an official said. Most of the deer of the Odisha’s Balukhand-Konark sanctuary, which is spread over 72 square kilometres between Puri and Konark towns, could not be located after the extremely-severe cyclone made landfall in the coastal district at 200 kmph on 3 May, the official said. The deer generally come out of their hideouts at night in search of food, but the forest officials searched for the animals during daytime and could not find them, Mohapatra said. “Since the carcass of only one deer is spotted, we believe that others are alive, though not noticed during the search in daytime,” Mohapatra said. The divisional forest officer had conducted a review meeting on Sunday to assess the damage and the next course of action.

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