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Cyclone Fani: Without Water or Power Amid Intense Heat Wave, Odisha Residents Attack Babus

Energy Secretary Hemant Sharma, however, said around 90 per cent of the power consumers in the state capital will be able to get electricity by that day. Restoration work in the telecom sector has witnessed slow progress, Singh said adding that only 14 per cent of mobile towers and other infrastructure remained unaffected by Fani. Fresh loans may also be extended as per the requirement of the cyclone victims, said an official adding that banks will also provide assistance to hotel industry in Puri. The SLBC said that banking service is functioning in all affected areas except Puri and the chief secretary urged the banks to open branches there on Monday. Pradhan, who took stock of the situation here, said of the 234 filling stations in Puri district, 232 have become operational and two others to start working from Saturday.

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