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Covid Cases in India: Weekly Covid cases dip to lowest in over 7 months

This was the sixth straight week of declining cases in the country following a brief flare-up towards the end of August when infections surged sharply in Kerala post Onam.This week’s tally of fresh cases was the lowest since March 1-7, when 1.17 lakh infections were detected at a time when the devastating second wave of the pandemic was beginning in India.There were 1,776 deaths from the virus reported in India during October 4-10, the lowest weekly toll since March 15-21 and a drop of 4.5% from the previous week.In what would bring added cheer in the run-up to the festival season, the week saw cases fall in all major states of the country with the lone exception of Bengal, where a marginal spike of 5% was recorded, as per the daily data received from states.In Kerala, which accounted for 54% of all new infections in the country, weekly cases dipped by 17.4% from the previous seven days.

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