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Cabinet approves Rs 3,000 crore GSLV phase-4 programme for 5 launches

The programme will enable the launch of two-tonne class satellites for geo-imaging, navigation, data-relay communication and space sciences. Of the five launches, the launch of data relay communication satellite will be significant as it will support the country’s maiden human spaceflight or Gaganyaan programme, whose deadline is fixed in December 2021, and the country’s interplanetary mission to Mars in 2022-23. A series of advanced satellites Gsat-20, Gsat-30 and Gsat-32, which will boost communication capabilites of the country, will also be launched by early next year. Gsat-32 will replace Gsat-6A, which was lost in space after the successful launch due to a communication failure and was meant to mainly serve ground forces. Two satellites will be launched every year with maximum participation by the Indian industry in the production of the country’s heavy-lift rocket.

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