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Azam Khan, Maneka Gandhi Face Campaign Ban For Poll Code Violation

After Yogi Adityanath and Mayawati, the Election Commission barred two more senior political leaders for violation of the Model Code of Conduct this evening. In case of Azam Khan, the Commission said his comments on electoral rival Jaya Prada “may be construed as being repugnant to the hour and dignity of women”. Taking note of a ban on the leader in 2014, the Commission said he has not “changed his way of campaigning and he is indulging in using very objectionable language”. Elections in Rampur will be held on April 23 and the campaigning has to end by the evening of April 20. Appealing to caste or communal feelings to secure votes is a no-no under the model code, which is a series of dos and don’ts for political parties ahead of elections.

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