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After Ayodhya judgment, Shah gets new task at hand — and new opportunity

In less than 70 days after it returned to power, the BJP-led government with Amit Shah as the Home Minister implemented one of its three core agendas — scrapping of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status under Article 370, building a Ram Temple and bringing in a Uniform Civil Code — that it had kept on the backburner in its earlier term. The Home Ministry is now set to be entrusted with setting up a trust that will build the Ram temple in Ayodhya, giving Shah the opportunity to add another feather to his cap. The scheme to be framed by the Central Government shall make necessary provisions in regard to the functioning of the trust or body including on matters relating to the management of the trust, the powers of the trustees including the construction of a temple and all necessary, incidental and supplemental matters. According to the Act, the central government has the power to appoint a trust or body for managing the 60. Following the verdict in Ayodhya case and the task cut out for the Home Ministry, Shah will now play a crucial role in fulfilling another long-pending agenda of the BJP.

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