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Vitamin D may not reduce heart risk

While there are several pieces of research that suggested a link between low levels of in the blood and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, researchers have now discovered that consuming supplements won’t decrease the risk. Many earlier studies have found an association of low levels of vitamin D in the blood and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, suggesting that vitamin D supplements might reduce that risk. Half the patients were administered vitamin D supplements, and half were given The meta-analysis of data showed no difference in the incidences of cardiovascular events or all causes of death between the two groups. While some studies have found a link between low levels of the vitamin and an increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events, Barbarawi’s study suggested that other factors, such as outdoor physical activity and nutritional status, might explain the association. As a result, he suggests that doctors and patients think twice about taking the vitamin to minimize the chances of a or other cardiovascular issues.

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