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Medical body develops affordable test kit to diagnose blood disorders

In a major breakthrough which would go a long way in cutting down medical costs of the patients with severe Hemophilia A and von Willebrand Disease (vWD,) the ICMR- National Institute of Immunohaematology (NIIH), Mumbai has developed a cost-effective point-of-care (POC) rapid diagnostic test for the blood disorders. India has become the world’s first country to develop POC test for specific diagnosis of any common bleeding disorder, the ICMR has claimed Haemophilia A and vWD are the commonest among bleeding disorders. At present, lack of awareness, lack of diagnostic facilities, high cost of tests are some of the factors for the underdiagnosis of bleeding disorders in the country. “Both Haemophilia A and vWD are underdiagnosed disorders in our country and there are only a handful of comprehensive diagnostic centres for bleeding disorders,” the official said. “The newly developed rapid test kit could be used for the diagnosis of undiagnosed patients/menorrhagia cases/ post-partum haemorrhage (PPH), gynaecological complications with bleeding history, recovery of factors in the transfused Haemophilia A patients and also for differential diagnosis of both the diseases,” the official said.

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