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Hospitals in Pakistan run short of beds as dengue cases surge countrywide

Amid the COVID-19 health crisis, dengue has emerged as another major concern for Pakistan, with hospitals in Punjab province , especially in Lahore, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh snowed under with the patients of mosquito-borne viral infection to a point where the hospital administrations refusing to take in more patients, local media reported on Sunday.In the Punjab hospitals, beds meant for the corona patients have been allocated to the dengue victims, reported The News International Meanwhile, in Islamabad, a massive anti-dengue campaign has been launched in response to the alarmingly high levels of dengue cases.In the last 24 hours, 98 new cases of dengue were reported in Islamabad, according to the district health officer, of which 73 were found in rural areas and 25 in urban areas, reported The News International.

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