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Health ministry asks centre-run hospitals to set up dengue corners

“The aim of setting up these is to provide seamless and efficient to the patients during surge in These instructions are part of the guildelines of the NVBDCP,” Dr Ashutosh Biswas, a professor of at the AIIMS, said. With no specific drug and vaccine currently available in the country to cure dengue, said that a good supportive treatment accompanied with early diagnosis helps in the treatment of the mosquito born According to Dr Guleria, the Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is conducting research on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine on the Indian population. “The problem with the vaccine is that it can be effective if given to a person who previously was infected with dengue. If given to a person who had never suffered from dengue, it can create complications and also can cause harm, that is why the vaccine has been withdrawn even after being introduced in several countries,” Dr Guleria said. Dr Biswas informed that the AIIMS has also set up Outbreak Cell to be vigilant about the outbreak of such vector borne in the campus.

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