Breakfast Babble: As A Woman Who Suffers From Acne Due To PCOS, I Am Tired of Constant Skin Care

Ever since the advent of time itself it seems, female beauty and skin care have been placed upon society’s high pedestal of women-must-achieves. While skincare routines are no doubt a healthy part of everyday grooming and imperatively so, truth be told, there are no quick magic fixes for all your skin woes. Once, in all the cheeky air of indifferent millennial-hood, a boy casually shrugged and remarked I should ‘just go ahead and wash my face’. Believe it or not, most people who sport a unicorn skin out there, like me, have done and tried it all. And that’s okay because we’ve come to learn how to move past and beyond letting those trivial things come in the way of life’s bigger picture.

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