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Stranger Things 4 might feature a huge Winona Ryder timeline plot hole

Winona’s first movie, Lucas, came out in 1986, which means she’s about to exist as herself in the Stranger Things universe. And it’s aaaaall thanks to a one, very famous, very iconic, very legendary Ms Winona Ryder – who is about to exist in the Stranger Things timeline. But if we assume that it will take place a few months later in 1986 (as per the schedule pattern), then we might be heading for a timeline shattering event: The Age of Winona. ) The Age of Winona would become even more of a problem if the show decides to push further ahead in the timeline. Speaking to Mashable (who have called the event ‘The Winona Collision’), producer Shawn Levy revealed the issue could prove to be a problem when asked about it in an interview.

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