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Paris Paris: Kajal Aggarwal speaks on 25 Censor Board cuts in the film & producers trying to retain the scenes

Kajal Aggarwal’s much-delayed film Paris Paris, an official remake of Kangana Ranaut’s Queen, has been in the news due to Censor Board issues. The makers of the film expressed their disappointment on the same and now, Kajal Aggarwal is also disappointed with the censor board members over their decision of 25 cuts. IB Times quoted Kajal Aggarwal saying, “We have made a faithful attempt in remaking Queen in all the south languages and present it to the audience. I have been told that the producers are taking necessary actions and putting in all the efforts to make sure that the scenes are retained. ” “We have shot for a long time for this film and the whole team has put in a lot of efforts.

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