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Neha Kakkar’s boyfriend Rohanpreet Singh shares adorable photo: ‘We look good together, don’t we?’

Singer Rohanpreet Singh shared a lovely photo with her girlfriend, singer Neha Kakkar, and asked their fans if they made a nice pair. With their limp Instagram posts, Neha and Rohanpreet made fans guess with the hashtag #NehuPreet, which is a fusion of their names. In another post, he shared a photo with him and wrote, “Jab, who we met!” @ Rohanpreetsingh #LoveAtFirstSight #NehuDaVyah #NehuPreet. “He said in the third message, ‘I still have Grass in mind. “A photo was recently posted on the internet and fans suggested it came from the Neha and Rohanpreet rock ceremony.

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