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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner lose their dog Picasso in a car accident; turn to a therapist to cope with it

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have suffered a major loss of their dog Waldo Picasso, and they have taken to therapy to deal with the tragic loss. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, who were in a happy space after their marriage, seems to be grief-stricken now, as they have lost their dog Waldo Picasso in a car accident. They also have another dog named Porky brother to Waldo and was with Joe on a walk when this accident took place. The reports also state that they have decided to go to see a therapist to deal with this loss and have registered for a police complaint. (ALSO READ: Newlyweds Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s honeymoon photos are nothing short of paradise) Suffering such a huge loss can be tragic and we feel for the couple after their loss!

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