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Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna to launch the show at 1000-year-old Saas–Bahu temple!

It is a temple dedicated to mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law of the nation to glorify the relationship they share. The show with an anti-heroine protagonist presents a completely different take on the typical saas–bahu daily soaps. Sarvagun Sampanna is an incredibly different show, and our launch completely complements the thought as we visit the Saas–Bahu temple in Udaipur. The 1000-year-old temple is an iconic symbol of the relationship between a daughter and mother-in-law, which is exactly what our show thrives on too. ‘ The highly unconventional show traces the story of a daughter-in-law of a rich and prestigious family who is an ideal bahu for the family;

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