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Swiggy to hire 3 lakh people in 18 months

BENGALURU: Food-delivery startup Swiggy may emerge as the largest private-sector bluecollar job enablers in the country as it plans to hire close to 3 lakh delivery executives in the next 18 months taking the total to 5 lakh. 5 lakh and Indian Railways had over 12 lakh people at the end of March 2018. While delivery personnel are not entitled to standard benefits like provident fund etc, since they are not on Swiggy’s payroll, the expansion in its overall delivery fleet will make it one of the largest job nenablers underlining the importance of ‘gig-economy’ in India. Amazon India did not disclose the number but said it has ‘tens of thousands’ of such executives in India. To explain the potential of growth Swiggy has got, Majety said India has 2 lakh restaurants while Beijing alone has 3 lakh restaurants.

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