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Panasonic to set up 1-lakh-strong charging grid to power electric vehicles in India

Through the network, Panasonic aims to reach individual electric vehicle users, fleet owners, e-commerce and logistics companies to manage their fleet more efficiently. Also, the telematics solution – that has been developed at the company’s India R&D facilities – will be pitched to utility providers as well as the manufacturers of vehicles, equipment and lithium-ion battery to help them better understand user patterns, and calibrate their products and services accordingly. The infrastructure will initially be used to power electric two- and three-wheelers, though the company has plans to extend this to other vehicles types as cleaner mobility gains traction across different automotive segments. “The service comes equipped with telematics sensors on the vehicles, allowing users to generate real-time data and report from continuous operation, thus enabling them to use their fleet in the most efficient way,” Sharma said. The cognitive systems will help fleet managers in monitoring and managing the entire vehicle line-up such as finding out the efficiency of different lithium-ion battery packs, avoiding unnecessary charge trips due to lack of charging and real-time data, monitoring of vehicle data usage etc.

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